Printlam CTIS

The Printlam CTI available in 750mm or 1050mm working width and offers the the ability to do the largest formats in the Tauler range. The Printlam CTI is fully automatic including an automatic sheet feed via pneumatic feeder head. This heavy duty laminator has been constructed to be durable and hard wearing, using high quality steel and top electrical components.

Key Features

  • Automatic Sheet Feed Via Pneumatic feeder head
  • Lateral Brackets ensure paper is centred correctly
  • Roller Press heated bu oil cooled electrical resistors
  • Speed Controlled by electronically inverter
  • Roller Cutting System
  • Automatic sheet feed registration & overlap system with frontal
  • Photocell sensor to stop the machine in the event of missing sheets
  • Pheumatic pressure roller system with protection
  • Cutting system compatible with embossed BIOPP & Burstable nylon films
  • PLC & tuch screen operation
  • Pressure roller suitable for offset & digital printing
  • Trim cutting system
  • Compact regulated cutting & automatic sheet stacker
  • Decurling system to prevent paper curling

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum length : 395 X 405cm
  • Maximum width : 141 X 173 cm
  • Stack height : 90 X 90cm
  • Weight : 1400 X 1600 Kg

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